Root of Sub-Prime / Credit Crisis of 2008

  What caused the sub-prime problem will be discussed and debated for long time. Many blame the Sub-Prime crisis upon Greedy Wall Street Investment bankers, or on “Risky” Hedge Funds, or on Incompetent Regulators. But the fact is, such a massive problem can be hardly attributed to only one participant in the market. I believe […]

Full Tilt Faces Canadian Lawsuit

Full Tilt Poker has another lawsuit on their hands, this time by virtue of Canada’s Consumer Law Group. This lawsuit, of the class action variety, was filed in the Superior Court of Quebec on September 8. It bases its case 꽁머니 지급 upon the claims of “all residents in Canada who have money being held in their […]

The Tip Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play

  For some strange reason, we each Pragmatic Play hundreds of miles to sit down at the same poker table. I drove 8 hours. Bad Blood and G-Rob drove 2 hours and flew a couple hours and Otis and TheMark spent 12 hours in travel hell. And yet, there we were, all at the same damn […]

Happy Easter from sanghoki!

  Easter is upon us once more, and as usual that means a well-earned break. A long weekend to kick back, eat some chocolate…and play poker! There’s something oddly enticing about eating chocolate in egg and/or bunny form. It’s certainly more satisfying than simply breaking off endless lines from a block…but it tastes great all […]

Skilled Methods bitcoin casinos

  A cheat may hand-muck, that is, switch their hand with one they have secretly hidden. This may also be done with a confederate. A skilled cheat can deal the second card, the bottom card, the second from bottom card, and the middle card. The idea is to cull, or to find the cards one […]

On the 5th day of summer Carbon sanghoki brought to me…

  …if your alias is sanghoki , you can complete that title line with all of the following; 1st in Summer Champs 5 Card Draw tournament, $626.4 in winnings and 2nd on the overall leader board. Congratulations DADuhWEEwah on a well deserved win. After 5 days the Summer Champions Tournament leader board looks as such; […]

She Wants To Learn slot gacor

slot gacor

  I haven’t been playing much poker lately. I’m up about 12 bucks for the month playing in just a few WWdN’s, a Mookie and a CC’s Thursday Night Bash. I haven’t sat at a live poker table since the middle of October. The reason is simple, and many of you already know it. I […]

situs online On Heaven’s Door

  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard the Bob Dylan/Guns ‘N Roses classic infused with some zydeco-inspired situs online . Of course, if you’re going to spend a Friday night in June at a Cajun Racino, you can’t exactly complain about the music. I felt a little out of place at Evangeline Downs tonight. My […]

Forced bets best crypto casinos 2022

  All poker games require some forced bets in order to create an initial stake for the players to contest. The requirements for forced bets, and the betting limits of the game (see below) are collectively called the game’s betting structure. Ante An ante is a forced bet in which each player places an equal […]

New situs online poker reading

  I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some fine people on the poker road in the past year or two. Most of them have been mentioned ad situs online here. Two of them, however, have remained unmentioned and unlinked for far too long. Now, they both have new projects that are more than worthy of mention. […]

World Series of bandar slot pulsa Europe 2008 – dates announced

  The dates and venues for this year’s World Series of bandar slot pulsa Europe (WSOPE) were officially announced today by Harrah’s Entertainment. Hosted in London, England, this year’s series will run from September 19th to October 1st and will take place in the same three casinos as last year: St. James (Fifty), Leicester Square (The […]

Don’t Tell Me You’re sbo Scared!!!!

  Get in the game!!!! We’ve got the 2nd sbo WSOP Satellite on Sunday night, and we’re at just 29 entries. That’s not enough to pay out a single seat. Where is everyone? I know you’re intimidated by my exceptional talent, but that’s no reason to cower in your living room and watch timidly from the […]