1. Snowmen, now I remember why I hate snow

It’s the very next hand. That means about 10 minutes ago, I had about $700. Soon, it would all be gone.

I look down at sbo pocket 8’s and I raise to 15 pre-flop. I get a couple of callers. The flop is T-7-3. It’s not great, but it could be a lot worse. I bet out $20 and get one caller. The turn is another T. Okay, maybe my 8’s are good.

I check and it’s bet $50. Does he really have a ten? I elect to call. Maybe I was steaming. I thought my hand might be good, but maybe I was just fooling myself.

The river is an 8!!!!! Jackpot!!!! That’s great! Even if I made the bad call against the T, my hand is now good. Well, I suppose he could be holding pocket T’s (very unlikely) or T8, T7 or T3 (but who would call a $15 raise with that?).

I bet $100. My opponent immediately pushes all in for about another $140 and I beat him into the pot with my call. I had him outchipped by $81. I proudly flip my 8’s and he shows me the T7.

It wasn’t the nuts, but it was damn near close, and for the third time, I got my money into the pot when I was dead or way, way behind. How did it happen? What did I do wrong?

And it was all gone

It was only a few hands later when I officially busted out. I was dealt AJo and I raised to $15 from early position. I got two callers.

The flop wa K-Q-T, two spades. I flopped the nut straight, but don’t be fooled by that description.

I pushed for $30 and the next guy raised to isolate me. I showed my hand, but the other guy held onto his cards. Slow-rolling is a serious problem at this casino. No one seems to want to show their cards, but I digress…

The turn is a J, meaning any A split my pot, dammit. And the river was a Q. He flipped over KQ, meaning the river filled him and my day was done.

In retrospect

For the almost 7 hour session, I felt I played pretty well. If I check with my Aces, that’s $150 I would have saved. If I call with my trip aces, I would have taken in another $280. If I lay down my A6, that’s another at least $150. And if I lay down my pocket 8’s, that’s another about $300. The KQ on the last hand was the only suckout but that ws a $105 pot. In all, we’re talking $985.

In fact, if I somehow win those pots instead of losing, we’re talking a total of about $1650 instead of walking out of the casino down $290.

But it all happened, and that’s poker. In NL, your sessions are often predicated on just a few big hands, and my biggest hands were all losers. In all four cases, I completely mis-read my opponents. Three times they were holding monsters and I couldn’t see them. The fourth time, it was a stone-cold bluff and I imagined the nuts.

So someone tell me how else I went wrong…