I need to find a slot onlain game in Huntsville. I’ve asked at work but nobody seems to play. Too many evenings are being spent with Ryan and Simon and Paula and Randy.


My family flew up for a visit last weekend so we could nail down living arrangements. We were getting pretty frustrated finding a house to rent and were about to put a deposit on a small apartment when we drove around our preferred neighborhood one last time to check for rental yard signs. My 6 year old said “I think we should rent a blue house” and we turned a corner and there was a blue house for rent that was perfect – just renovated, big yard, cottage-style, nice neighborhood, good school, etc.

I told my wife to call right away because God just talked to us. You agnostics and atheists just keep your mouths shut on this one. It was too spooky to ignore. besides, this is my blog and I don’t preach on yours.

Anywho, I played a little poker online this week, did very well, but then Friday night was 2-outer-winner night because I got lanced by 3 in a row. Made a tiny bit of the loss back last night with a win, but nowhere near enough to recover the prior night’s loss.

Seriously, people that play on the weekend at Full Tilt really think QTo is a hand worth calling off all their chips with. Fishy waters, indeed.

Grinding through life

I’ve been busier than I’ve been in years for the last month. Made it through a couple weeks of pretty useless training and was handed a program with some significant challenges. There is a small, pinhole light at the end of the tunnel, though, and I came up for air long enough to play one $20 SNG in the past 3 wees.

My wife and kids are visiting me in Huntsville this weekend. We think we’ve found a home to rent, so another item is crossed off the list. Rent sucks, a mortgage payment would be cheaper, but we’re just not back far enough from the brink for that. Step by step, doing the life-grind, but always making forward progress. We’ll get there.

If I can keep my eyes open long enough this week, I might try to show up for a Mookie. I thought moving to the Central time zone would make it easier for me to participate, but I’ve been up at 4 am every day to get an early start at work and I can’t keep my eyes open at night. Hopefully, I’ll be able to start sleeping in until the blessed time of 5:30 am, and then I might be able to get the rest of my life back.