…if your alias is sanghoki , you can complete that title line with all of the following; 1st in Summer Champs 5 Card Draw tournament, $626.4 in winnings and 2nd on the overall leader board. Congratulations DADuhWEEwah on a well deserved win.

After 5 days the Summer Champions Tournament leader board looks as such;

There are a few obvious inferences I can pull from the above, those being; Satanicmonkey is kinda ok at poker, all you people have strange screen names, and if you want a spot in the tournament of champions and a share of the $15,000 jackpot, you need to play as many Summer Champs events as you can. Don’t miss this weekends $2,500 guaranteed tourneys

We have also been recording video footage from many of the final hands of each tournament. This footage will soon be uploaded to YouTube and also a new CarbonPoker.com video page that will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Summer Champs Round 4

Another day and another Summer Champs tournament. The first No Limit Holdem game saw with it more than a few welcome surprises. First off, some of our Summer Champs regulars while still turning out to test their skills were lost in a sea of new faces as a staggering 460 registered. This consequently pushed the guaranteed $500 prize pool, through the roof, to $2, 300 to be shared amongst the top place getters.

Right from the start saw the game begin to take its toll, with many players dropping like flies. After only 4 hands, 10 players had been ousted, the field steadily growing smaller. A few hours of strenuous game play later saw playarus21 amass a substantial chip lead and trump sidslick and Jwhit8ker in only a few hands to claim victory and a $575 cash win. Once again congratulations to playarus21 and to all players who seated well, don’t forget to check you position on the leader board.

This weekend sees some higher $2500 guaranteed prize pools which are likely to be pushed high if the attendance levels keep up. See you all at tomorrow’s $1000 5 Card Draw Championship

Introducing …

Hello, Hello, all you poker players. You may have noticed that there is a new individual named Jason keeping your favourite poker blog up to date with all your CarbonPoker.com news. Introducing me. Jason. Who am I, What happened to good old Phil, I see you all scratch your heads and wonder.

Well to be completely honest, Phil went to hang with video gamers and I’m the new marketing guy. Most of the time I can be found lurking around your tournament games watching the action from the shadows so I have something to blog on about.

Regarding that, if there is anything in particular you would like to hear me blog on about, want to give me kudos or send me an abusive message regarding one of my blogs (yes, that’s cool too), I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line sometime.