Took a couple more days off from indobet 88 this week. Dipped my toes back in last night, going 1 for 2 in SNGs. But, the motivation isn’t there right now.

Got a call Wednesday from the company I wrote about a few weeks ago. They wanted to do a phone interview, so we scheduled it for Thursday. I cranked up my research to re-familiarize myself with the details and realized they were still in deep ca-ca financially. Makes my desire to telecommute much clearer. No point moving 2000 miles if I’ll spend the next 3 years waiting for the shoe to drop on my head. I can only move there for a top offer, and even then I’d probably not move my family for a year. They’ve been through enough and need some stability right now. Anyway, I was just as clear with the hiring manager about my desires, without shutting out a move completely, and challenged his cost-of-living figures with my own data. So, we’ll see if I get invited back for the onsite interview. In the end, it will be the top managers in the company that will decide about work-life arrangements because a large part of the job is supporting them with data, charts, and other clerical crap that can be avoided with proper use of their networking and intranet tools. But, yeah, telling a C-level executive to go find his data at f:\funkyservername\marketing\research\thesamedatayouaskedforlastmonth.xls generally isn’t a career-enhancing move.

The weight loss (oh, who are we kidding, it’s FAT-LOSS) continues to go well. I passed the 10% milestone earlier this week. The next milestone will come in 2 or 3 weeks (hopefully), and it will give me about 299 reasons to celebrate.

Here’s hoping I get some poker-ific (gad, did I really write that?) motivation so I can get back to writing about what this blog was intended.

Monday stuff

Played a little poker this weekend. Up and down. The ups came when I played low, the downs came when I played high.

Oh well…

I did spot on leak I make on the bubble, though, so it made for a satisfying weekend knowing I have something I can focus on for improvement. I’ve been too loose with my calls on the button. Probably because alot of the better players are very loose with their raises. But, just because I’ve got a coin-flip, there are times when I shouldn’t be CALLING knowing I am, at best, a coin flip.

Think 5-5 or 6-6. Almost always a coin flip AT BEST, and many times completely dead to two outs. Many times, I don’t want to CALL off all my chips where I am 50-50 at best. It’s a donkey move.

Now, being the raiser, on the bubble, is another matter. If you’re first-in and have a pair, you’re almost always right to raise and take that folding equity to the bank. But calling… well, no, there are a lot of other factors that need to be taken into consideration, table and chip position among them.

So, yeah, something to work on.


I added a Gabbly Chat module to the sidebar, so now y’all can chat right on this page. Let me know what you think.