WSOP 2005 – June 18th, by Peter CostaI couldn’t help but laugh at the ending to my previous article concerning getting some big hands in the $5,000 NL. Having being dealt around ten pairs of Q-Q and over in the limit – this NL would prove to be a totally different story.   With over 450 players starting – it was going to be a long hard slog. I therefore decided to make the most of my chips by playing almost every hand for the first level. The outcome was that I still had close to my starting of 5,000. Then just before the limits Slot Gacor Hari Ini increased – a rare mistake almost cost me a chance to win a fair size pot. Instead – I actually doubled up. Having limped blind UTG before the cards had been dealt – I bet the minimum 50 chips on a flop of T-T-4. The player to my left (who had increased his stack to almost 15,000 – courtesy of winning almost every hand), flat called. The turn came a Jack. I looked at my hand for the first time to find 8-9 for an open ended straight draw. I checked and our chip leader bet 400. I thought it was about time he lost a hand, and so I called. However, by mistake, I threw into the pot a 500 chip along with three 100 chips.   It obviously counted as a raise. How my opponent must have loved that mistake? Holden a set of Tens, he now re-raises a further 1600. Had I took a few seconds longer, I would have mucked my hand. However, even I go chasing every blue moon. I called the bet. I made the straight on the river and got called when I moved all-in. The rare mistake was profitable this time. A couple of hands later, I had another victim when I turned a straight. This was unusual for me – almost at treble chips within the first level.   What followed for the next nine hours was really unique. In my many years of playing tournaments – I would doubt if I ever went so long without a playable hand or situation. The funny thing was, there was a fan on the rails that applauded when I won a pot. He waited and waited, and waited…..still no need for him to take his hands out of his pockets. Then suddenly…..I’m on the big blind with Q-4. One by one….the players begin to muck. Finally, it comes to the small blind. He pauses….he ponders…and then mucks. Yeehaw! Finally won one! Quick as a flash, the hands were out of those pockets and applauding my great play. It’s good to see such skill being appreciated by fans. Seriously though, I think the fan felt more frustration than I did! I eventually busted out with less than ninety to go.   The next two events on my list are the shootouts – I look forward to these as they don’t require too much work.   New Marketing Research Report Identifies Online Poker As The Drive Behind Online Gambling   Research and Markets have issued their latest report titled: Online Poker – Driving Gambling to New Heights.   The report includes the results of an industry survey on gambling’s hottest topic, recognising that as gambling constantly reinvents itself, online poker is the product of future growth.   Featuring the conclusions of industry experts the report estimates that over $60 billion will be gambled on poker websites across the world in 2005. More than 60% of the industry experts surveyed believe that online poker will be the dominant offer in online gambling in 2-3 years, while 75% believe that the global annual rake/commission in the 2-3 years will be more than $4 billion.   However, despite the tremendous potential, the study predicts that the online poker market will become a tougher market in the future with decreasing revenues per active player and growing competition. Industry insiders therefore recommend strategies such as poker networks, the introduction of more betting brands, and the consolidation of poker sites to successfully survive into the future. Additionally, Europe is seen by 52% of the experts as offering the best future potential for online poker.